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Dear Friends,


Shortly after my dad’s passing in 2009, my mother Elaine and I made the decision to continue the work that my father Fred G. Gist began. Since then, I have worked with our Ranch Foreman, Rusty Rodgers, to preserve the decades devoted to building one of, if not the, most significant and concentrated lines of King P234, Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock and Driftwood lines known in the world.

Eventually, after producing thousands of horses, the herd came to include a band of stallions and mares with some of the highest percentage of blood from these legendary lines known in the world.

After seeking out a new steward for the Wagon Wheel herd, we intended to share our valuable genetics in a program to be launched at Sul Ross State University. Our initial plans have recently changed, however we are still working with Sul Ross State to help them build a small herd.

Our new goal is to share these bloodlines and our valuable genetics with you through a complete dispersal of the Wagon Wheel Ranch herd.

Over the years, I have come to know many who share our love for Foundation American Quarter Horses. It is our hope that this sale will provide Quarter Horse herds of all types with an infusion of high percentage Foundation blood. Whether you already have a Foundation herd, or have a herd with more modern bloodlines, our genetic vault will help you restore genetic traits that are at the foundation of the American Quarter Horse.

This has not been an easy decision to make. It is, however, what we believe to be the best decision for us and our horses.

Our hope is when you eventually make your purchase, you will have a sense of what this herd has meant to my family, and to our Wagon Wheel Ranch family over the years. I hope you will be equally blessed as you take these fine individuals into your own families. Thanks to all of our customers, new and old, and thank you for your part in preserving the very foundations of the American Quarter Horse.


John C. Gist, Manager

The Wagon Wheel Ranch™ Crew



Originally established in 1872, the historic Wagon Wheel Ranch has been home to a premier Foundation Quarter Horse Breeding Program built by the late Fred G. Gist.


Ranch Established

The storied Wagon Wheel Ranch was originally a working cattle, sheep, and goat ranch. Now home to the renowned Fred G. Gist Foundation Quarter Horse Herd, this ranch is a true Texas treasure. Comprised of almost 10,000 acres, this historic ranch still embodies the charm of the old west.

Gist Family Ownership

Since the ranch’s centennial anniversary, the Gist family has preserved Foundation Bloodlines critical to the development of the modern Quarter Horse at the historic Wagon Wheel Ranch in central Texas.
Founded by the late breeding trailblazer, Fred G. Gist and his wife, Elaine Conger Gist, the Wagon Wheel Ranch Breeding Program was primarily designed to concentrate blood of specific legendary sires, including King P-234, Royal King, Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Driftwood and Mr. San Peppy and more.

Herd Of 1,000+

The Foundation Bloodlines of the American Quarter Horse are beloved for their size, cow sense, performance ability, versatility, and kind dispositions. The intent of this breeding program is to create, preserve, and strengthen a genetic vault like no other. At the peak of its breeding operation, the herd size was well over 1,000 head. Such a herd size made it possible to test and prove the Genetic Inheritance Statistic System.
Now, the program has become the industry’s breeding go-to secret. Many famed trainers and breeders start, improve, or correct their programs with stock from the Wagon Wheel Ranch. With the breeding system in place, each pairing is intentional and highly predictable. Select horses from this program can be equally considered performance horses as well as producing horses, which makes them genetic super horses*.
(*Genetic super horses are very uncommon horses with multiple matched pairs of chromosomes, as well as a positive hybrid vigor %.)



A New Generation

With the passing of his father, Fred G. Gist, John Gist and his mother, Elaine, continued to focus on preserving the valuable bloodlines established over the past two decades. Working with ranch foreman Rusty Rodgers, John continued to consult with leading geneticists regarding the pairings of the ranch stallions with their superior band of broodmares. This dedication to the protection of the bloodlines has built a virtual vault of the most storied Foundation American Quarter Horse bloodlines in its history.


Paying attention to a horse’s foundation and genetics, leads to success in the arena, on the trail, or on the range. Founded by the late breeding trailblazer, Fred G. Gist and his wife, Elaine, the Wagon Wheel Ranch Breeding Program was primarily designed to concentrate blood of specific legendary sires, including King P-234, Royal King, Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Driftwood and Mr. San Peppy. Having increased the purity of many famed Foundation Bloodlines, the Wagon Wheel Ranch boasts being home to some of the purest foundation stock in the world, in particular the highest percentage Blue Valentine and King P-234 stallions in the world.
Blue Valentine57
Joe Hancock25
King P-23449
3523Registered Quarter Horses Bred
46Years In Business



From the horses to the crew and customers, the Wagon Wheel Ranch is all about family. Here’s what some of our family have shared.

Shawn Borst
We bought our first walking stick horse in 1998, and have followed the ranch and the breeding program for years! Was blessed to be able to come to the last sale, we bought 4 horses, all of which have a mind that is stead fast, and they are very easy to be around. They will be some of the best ranch horses in Kansas. Well worth the drive!
Shawn BorstHappy customer
Melissa Marie Davis
Beautiful Ranch, gracious & accommodating staff, the most beautiful & stout horse stock in every color combo imaginable. It is a must to visit and buy one of their horses.
Melissa Marie DavisSatisfied customer
Happy ranch hand
I had such I great experience while working for the Gist family! Mr. Fred had his vision, and I’m glad to see it being carried out!
Happy ranch handJake Holladay
Bill Blackman
Great people to deal with great horses.
Bill BlackmanHappy customer
Karen Smith
Such beautiful horses and gracious staff. It was a delight to be here.
Karen SmithPleased guest


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