Heritage Month On RideTV

At the end of 2017, a wonderful holiday gift fell upon Wagon Wheel Ranch. After learning about Heritage, RideTV asked to air  2x Emmy-nominated documentary about our late trail-blazing founder, Mr. Fred G. Gist, for every Saturday in the month of January at 7am.

January 2018 is Heritage Month!

Founded by the late breeding trailblazer, Fred G. Gist and his wife, Elaine Conger Gist, the Wagon Wheel Ranch Breeding Program was primarily designed to concentrate blood of specific legendary sires, including King P-234, Royal King, Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine, Driftwood and Mr. San Peppy. Heritage tells the story of Mr. Gist’s visionary work at the Wagon Wheel Ranch, and the impact he’s had on the future of the American Quarter Horse.

Grab your family. Leave on your pajamas. Grab breakfast next Saturday on the couch to watch Heritage on RideTV.

The Next Chapter

The story doesn’t end where the film finished. Learn More.

The genetic vault that Mr. Gist collected and reproduced, this herd of superior genetics, will form the core of a signature educational program at Sul Ross State University. This donation from Elaine Conger Gist includes their famed registered Quarter Horses, young stock, and related equipment. When fully funded, the endowment will wholly support the program, including salary support for two new staff and endowment of a faculty position in perpetuity.

To help raise the funds for the endowment and in memory of Mr. Gist’s dedication to preserving our western heritage and the American Quarter Horse, The Fred G. Gist Memorial Foundation was born. It’s mission is to preserve, conserve, and promote the very foundations of the American Quarter Horse through education. Donations to support the needed Sul Ross Equine Endowment can be made online at http://www.gistmemorialfoundation.org/donate/.

The endowment will support and sustain this unique Quarter Horse breeding program at Sul Ross and establish the Elaine Conger Gist Endowed Professor of Equine Science in the College of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

President Bill Kibler concisely summarized potentially the largest gift in Sul Ross history:

“This is a game changer,” he said of the donation of the Wagon Wheel Ranch Foundation Quarter Horse breeding program.

“With a rich history of preserving our ranching heritage, Sul Ross is in a unique position to ensure that my father’s hard work will be appreciated and maximized. This is paramount in achieving his core mission: to preserve the Foundation Blood of the original American Quarter Horse,” said John C. Gist, who created the Fred G. Gist Memorial Foundation to raise fund for the endowment. “With ranching in our blood, Mom and I love the strong ranching heritage that is alive at Sul Ross and in the Big Bend region.”

“With this gift from the Gist family and Wagon Wheel Ranch, Sul Ross has the opportunity to create a signature program that can generate nationwide attention,” Kibler said. “This program is expected to increase student enrollment, expand curricular offerings for undergraduate and graduate students and create new collaborative teaching and research efforts.”

Learn more about the Wagon Wheel Ranch and Sul Ross State University Partnership!

Celebrate Heritage Month, January 2018

Watch RideTV on Saturday at 7 am and show your support by contributing to the Equine Endowment at www.gistmemorialfoundation.org/donate/.

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