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Heritage Documentary – Wagon Wheel Ranch
Wagon Wheel Ranch

HERITAGE: Preserving The Foundation Of The American Quarter Horse

HeritagePoster_FINAL_120314The American Quarter Horse originally gained popularity for its break-away speed, versatility, cow instincts, and good disposition. Unfortunately, after generations of breeding horses, the blood of the Foundation Quarter Horse Sires had been diluted and dispersed so widely that the legendary sires’ genetics were almost lost to time.

Then, a man came along with the foresight and determination to restore and preserve the valuable Foundation Bloodlines. That man was Fred G. Gist.

Heritage is the story of Mr. Gist’s visionary work at the Wagon Wheel Ranch, and the impact he’s had on the future of the American Quarter Horse.

Join us as an Emmy Award Winning Director tells the story of how a geologist changed the face of horse breeding in America with a natural instinct, diligent research, and a passion that carries his legacy on to this day. From his meeting with a geneticist to learn the science behind breeding, to his cross-country travels to gather horses carrying valuable Foundation Blood, to his pushing the genetic envelope like no other –Fred Gist blazed a trail from the past to the present preserving Foundation Bloodlines for generations to come.

On November 21st 2014 Total Horse Channel launched ”Heritage Preserving The Foundation of the American Quarter Horse”. A Documentary from Wagon Wheel Ranch Directed by 5x Emmy Winning Director – Nick Nanton of Celebrity Films and The Dicks+Nation Celebrity Branding Agency. Later, it aired on RFDTV’s Equestrian Nation and RideTV.

This family-promoting film is worth your time.


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Thanks to everyone who played a part in preserving the legacy of Mr. Fred Gist and the Wagon Wheel Ranch!




For a physical DVD copy of the Heritage documentary, call the Wagon Wheel Ranch at 1 (844) WWRanch or Rusty directly at (512) 734-0234.


The Legacy Continues

Born to further the work of Fred Gist, The Fred G. Gist Memorial Foundation continues to spread awareness around the importance of conserving the foundation of the American Quarter Horse.